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Architectural Design Committee
The purpose of architectural design review is to keep the community attractive for the enjoyment of residents and for the protection of property values. The Declaration authorizes the ARC to establish rules, standards and procedures for the orderly development of the subdivision and requires homeowners to obtain written approval from the ARC for any buildings, additions, or other improvements to their property. This is to ensure that the improvements comply with the provisions of the Declaration and ARC Guidelines.
The ARC and Board have established these guidelines in accordance with the authority granted to them by the provisions of the Declaration. These guidelines have been established to assure uniform and fair application of the Declaration and are intended to provide all lot owners in Green Trails Section One with information about: the type, color, and quality of materials which may be used in the construction of various kinds of improvements; the size and locations of such improvements; and information about the procedures used by the ACC in reviewing applications for proposed improvements.
The ARC reserves the authority to review and approve applications for buildings, additions, or improvements which are not explicitly described by these Guidelines, and to consider additional guidelines in the review process whether published or not, and has the right to take up to thirty (30) days for the review process. These guidelines may be amended by the ARC as it deems necessary and appropriate.
The Green Trails Estates ARC Committee is comprised of Green Trails Estates homeowners. The members are:
  • Tom Reilly
Below we have provided a link to the current Architectural Guidelines adopted by the Green Trails Estates Community as well as a link to the ACC Home Improvement Application.