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What is the Board of Directors and what do they do for my community?
There are five (5) Green Trails Estates Board of Directors. Election of the Directors are held at each annual meeting according to your Associations By-Law's.
The Board is charged with specific responsibilities and duties as outlined in the Association's Declarations, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. One of the duties is to adopt a budget and fix the annual assessment rate on an annual basis. Each lot owner is obligated to pay this annual assessment, which is used to operate the Association. You will generally receive a statement in November for the annual amount due by January 1st of each year. It is important to note that the terms of Declaration if the Covenants Covering your property create a lien for the maintenance assessments, and failure to pay in a timely fashion may result in this lien enforced and/or additional legal expenses.
What are my annual dues used for?
The swimming pool, tennis courts, and common area landscaping in the neighborhood are all paid from the annual maintenance fees. The pool and tennis courts are located at 1710 Shillington, along Fry Road between Shillington and Greenwind Chase.
How can I access my HOA account information?

The link below provides detailed instructions on how to navigate our website. This website contains your account information, provides the ability to pay your assessments online and gives you the ability to contact us online rather than having to call or fax in questiions or responses.
Who provides security for my community?
Neighborhood security is provided by the Harris County Constables Precinct 5 Office, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. (Contract 50  in conjunction with the other sections of Green Trails and Windsor Park Lakes).
To Contact the Constables office:
For An Emergency Dial 9-1-1
Harris County Constable Dispatch 281-463-6666. You are encouraged to call if you see suspicious activity or bothersome activity. Aslo please keep vehicles locked at all times to deter crimes of opportunity.
Can I have my home watched while I am on vacation?
Yes. Residents of Constable Precinct 3 contract subdivisions, including Green Trails Estates, which will allow them to have their home checked by as drive by patrol officer while they are away. You may do so by calling the Constable's office at 281-427-4791or by completing the vacation watch form at the following link and submitting it to the Constable's office one week before leaving.
What can I do about my neighbors barking dog?
Please call Houston Police Department at (713) 222-3131 to report this. Be sure you have the address where the barking dog is to provide when calling.
To report animal bites, scratches or attacks as well as loose and stray animals please call (713) 238-9600.
To report dead animals for pickup contact City of Houston M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 3-1-1
Where do I report a non working streetlight?
All streetlight issues can be reported by contacting Centerpoint at 713-207-2222 or more conveniently by clicking on the attached link. Please have the address and pole numbers ready when contacting Centerpoint.
What do I do if I see an alligator?